Pocket Talk iPad

Pocket Talk


Pocket Talk is specifically designed to be an easy to use touch talker for people of all ages with the need for a speech aid.

Quickly speak pre built phrases or recorded audio through the Phrases tab or use the Sentence Builder to string multiple words together before speaking.

With Pocket Talk you can add, edit and delete the default categories and content at will, you can set custom images for the speech and category buttons from the default selection, your photo library or from the built in camera(if available).

Don't want to use speech synthesis?
Just use the built in audio recorder to record your friends, family and co-workers speaking and attach it to a speech button for use in the Phrases tab.

Use the Sentence Builder to quickly create sentences from a selection of editable, pre defined words and phrases.
**NEW** You can now record use recordings in Sentence Builder to quickly create sentences from multiple audio recordings.

If you need to say something quickly that is not available as a button simply use the 'Type to Talk' section, type in the text you would like to say and tap Speak.

Why Choose Pocket Talk?

Highly Customisable

• Pin lockable Settings to help avoid unwanted/accidental changes
• List and table layout options for Phrases and Sentence Builder
• Selection of high quality primary voices with customisable secondary voices as a backup
• Easily editable content and categories for both Phrases and Sentence Builder
• Image manager allowing you to add/import/delete images
• Audio manager allows you to add/delete/change recordings
Other Features

• Record audio to use for speech buttons
• Customisable categories and speech buttons/content
• Use the camera/photo library to make your own button images
• Add custom images to categories and speech buttons
• 5 high quality primary voices to choose from (Internet Connection Required)
• 8 secondary voices to choose from
• Change pitch, variation and word duration for all secondary voices
• Type to Talk
• Sentence Builder with customisable content and images
• Sentence Builder can use recordings to build sentences
• Word breakdown learning tool


• New high quality primary voices added (Internet Connection Required)
• Sentence Builder can use recordings to build sentences
• Pin lockable Settings to prevent accidental changes
• Image manager improved
• Small interface changes to improve usability

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    Sentence Builder

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    Type To Talk

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