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Using The Type To Talk View
Pocket Talk - Type to Talk allows you to enter any text you would like to speak with your device keyboard, to enter text just tap the blank area in the screen and the keyboard will show. You can now begin typing any text you wish to speak and tap the Speak Now button on the right of the toolbar when you are ready to begin speaking.
If you need to hide the keyboard for any reason simply tap the keyboards Done button and the keyboard will be hidden from view, it can be restored again by tapping in the typing area.
To clear the screen of any text just tap the Clear button on the left of the toolbar and you can begin typing with a clean canvas. The text area will automatically clear when you leave the Type to Talk view.


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Protecting The Settings View
To prevent any accidental changes to Pocket Talks settings and content you can now set a pin code protection.
To enable the pin code protection slide the switch next to Lock Settings to the ON position, you will then be prompted for a pin number and asked to confirm it, if your two pin numbers match the Settings view will now require the pin to be entered on opening the view again, you can set a timeout for the pin requirement to enable you to switch back and forth between views without needing to re-enter the pin code each time.
To change your pin code tap, Change Pin Code, at the bottom of the Protect Settings section. You will be asked to enter your current pin code to remove the Settings protection.


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Selecting The Primary Voice
Two voices are now available in Pocket Talk, a Primary Voice which requires an internet connection to process and a Secondary Voice which is lower quality but does not need an internet connection as all processing is done on your device.
To set the primary voice just tap on it's row in the Voices section of Settings to open the voice selector, select a voice or disable the primary voice from the selection picker, test the voice if desired with the grey Test Voice button at the bottom of the view then save the voice for use with the blue Save button.


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Selecting The Primary Timeout
A timeout can be set for the primary voice to prevent Pocket Talk taking too long to process and speak with a poor internet connection, this is set by tapping the Primary Timeout row in the Voices section of Settings to bring up the timeout picker, selecting a time and tapping the blue Save button at the top right of the view.


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Selecting And Customising The Secondary Voice
The Secondary Voice is the original low quality voice used by Pocket Talk, it requires no internet connection to process and speak.
To select a Secondary Voice, tap on its row in the Voices section of the Settings view, this will open the voice selector and customisation screen. There are eight pre-set voices to choose from for the Secondary Voice, each of these can be adjusted for pitch, word duration and variation by using the sliders below the voice picker. When you have made adjustments to the selected voice you can quickly test the changes by tapping the grey Test Voice button, if you are happy with the changes you have made you can save them to be used each time the Secondary Voice is required by tapping the blue Save button at the top right of the view.


Learning Tools – Word Breakdown
The Word Breakdown learning tool is a simple word learning help tool, if enabled you will be presented on speaking with the option to either Speak Normally or Speak Letters Then Words. If you choose Speak Letters Then Words each character of the word will be spoken individually before the whole word is spoken.